About Me

My fascination with digital technologies meets with my creativity and great imagination. I have extensive knowledge of ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server as well as HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery and PHP. By using the newest standards I am able to create rich interactive web experiences viewable across multiple devices.

I have experience from an internship at Ticktockrobot animation studio where I worked with Simon Armstrong and learned animation techniques and technologies. This and my illustration skills allow me to add a uniquness to any project that I create. I love working alongside other developers and artists.  



Fulldome Interactive C#

Plant forest in Britain. Use Leap Motion in Unity 5 to fligh over, while the trees are growing back on land.

Team work to create a energy production and consumption visualisation. Interactivity by Leap Motion, projection in mirror dome.


Canvas Game - JavaScript

online HTML5 canvas game created within a team. Retro Indiana Jones. My role: art direction, artwork, sound and website.


Flash Game - ActionScript 3

Funny game inspired by J. M. Szancer illustrations. The aim is to throw rice on people to stop them entering the school.


PHP password generator

PHP training project. You can create a password of any length using lower, uppercases numbers and symbols. The feature will show you if its weak or strong.

PHP Measurment Conversion

Practicing PHP and all it's features. Getting ready for bigger projects and any task I undertake.


Photo of Nightshift


Animation created during my internship at Ticktockrobot Animation Studio in Brighton. I worked in Adobe After Effects directed by Simon Armstrong. My job was to create the time composition and animate all the characters and the entire background. Artwork made by Graham Carter.


This production was created as a course work. It is a frame by frame hand drawn animation for a bumper. I present here myself as a soul who desires to be set free and create beauty. Inspired by sculpture Nike of Samothrace from Louvere.

Oskar the Otter is a character for Disney Junior Channel. This brave animal overcomes his fears and can make you giggle.


My previous portfolio I have developed the website design from scratch. Easy to navigate with a standard layout. The game industry look was achieved by my illustrations of warriors and gnomes, medieval look font and a metal-like decorations which design was based on antient Celtic art. The significant accent was a video frame that was held by a character. Beautifully animated popup rollover was created step by step based on magazine tutorials. This website was also equipped with a php contact form made from scratch. 2013
jQuery animate - Fun and interactive This website was built using jQuery 'animate' to drive this car arround the streets. The sprite drives to any destination on the map. I have created this fun city map as a university module assignment. Visit the website and give it a try. 2012
Responsive Sortable Photo Gallery with jQuery This project is made from scratch. Smart and efficient jQuery and JavaScript functions. Css media queries are used to fit the layout to every device screen. 2016
Illustrator to HTML5 Canvas This advrtisemnt is created in Adobe Illustrator with plugin that allowes to export a ai graphics as a canvas file. Animation is scripted in layers. Brilliant feature. 2016
Interactive Map with jQuery That is the start of my big project for Native American ladies dresses. The website will be packed with information, very interactive and engaging. Great for educational purposes. 2016
jQuery history timeline Another jQuery feature. This little feature will be useful for my Native American traditional ladies dresses website. 2016
Angular.js lightbulb energy usage calculator Angular.js is a fantastic technology that allowes you to change the html content so gracefully. This is a very useful project. Look and calculate how much your lightbulbs will cost you this year. 2016